Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Welcome to the world Baby Benona!

So sorry that I have not updated this. It takes a lot of time and a small village to raise a kid.

Everyone welcome Lucas:

He was born on Friday April 15th at 1:02 pm.

8 lbs and 2 oz
20 inches long

Sorry I havent wrote my birth story but to make a long story short (the long story is more of a vent than anything. The hospital staff were awful!):

This in a nut shell:

Go to the hospital on Thursday 4/14, get induced about 8pm, 9ish labor starts. Got the epidural around midnight-ish or 1am (Great stuff). Tried pushing a couple times and didnt come down.

At noon (4/15) the nurses and doc wanted to do an emergency c-section on me because he is stuck and every time i pushed his heart rate went down. Wheeled me off, placed me on the table, and pulled Lucas out (DH looked like he was going to faint. Later DH told me he felt so helpless and angry that i was on the table and he couldn't do a thing. And if anything happened to us he would burn down the hospital).

When they pulled him out my uterus incision tore into a L shape and lost a lot of blood (later found out it was about 2 pints of blood) according to the doctors so I had bag upon bag of IV (about 7 bags) to get me started again. When they were sewing me back up I was screaming o n the top of my lungs because I could feel them sewing me up. From that point I blacked out and when I woke up I was back in my labor room. At 1am on 4/16 I was rushed to take x-rays and a CT-Scan of my kidneys because I was not peeing enough (that is another story and mega vent).

After throwing up on the CT-scanner and bouncing me around a bit I finally peed enough to discharge to the post-recovery suite. The nurses wanted to do a blood transfusion on me due to all the blood lost but I refused. Was discharged on that following Monday morning and recovering a lot better and faster at home.


Devyn said...

Oh my goodness...that sounds awful! I am so sorry that your experience had to go down like that.

Mr. and Mrs. Benona said...

no worries. The main thing that they got Lucas out safe and he is very healthy.