Thursday, March 6, 2008

My Lovely Bridesmaids

My lovely bridesmaids and maid of honor doing the can can!

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Something really funny

Daniel sent this to the family:

and I made this one:
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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It Finally Came!!

My diploma finally came in the mail!!! Jezz it took to UNLV 3 months to give it to me. Ben said its the final insult UNLV can give me. LOL, well at least its here and I got it. I feel like its complete now even though I walked in Dec. Here are some pictures:

BTW the frame is what Ben got me for my graduation gift. So far we dont know where to hang it... got any ideas?

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Odd and N's

Yes, I know I spelled it wrong but it looks cute this way.

This is the dress that I picked out for my friend's wedding:

The dress will be in Lilac and the front of the dress is plain but the bride and I just loved the back.

The Maid of Honor finally picked her dress today and by luck it will match my dress and the bride's dress because we will all be wearing satin.

It was mad crazy at David's Bridal and I was glad I was not one of the brides freaking out on dress trying. Been there done that... lol but it was neat to people watch and see what they were trying on.

Here are some other pictures on past events:

Ben's 28th Birthday with a homemade 9 layer cake:

Puppies first birthday:

We would also like to say congrats and good luck to:
Devyn, Sarah, and Amy - Congrats on the new addition growing inside of you.
Michelle R. - Congrats on the new baby. He is a cutie!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Our First Blog on Blogger

Hi Hi our fellow readers.

This is our first posting on blogger. Ben thinks this is "true" blogging VS myspace blogging. I like how our friends can add all sorts of things like pictures, movies, songs, and calenders. So we jumped on the ban wagon of blogging.

Current updates:

8 months till the wedding and I just found out recently that I will be a bridesmaid for a friend's wedding in May. So in May im wearing lilac and in oct. white. The dress that I picked out for my friend's wedding is a really nice long dress. I saw it on and knew i was going to pick that dress.

I graduated from college this past December, took a break and now job/career hunting.

Ben just got back from Reno from a business trip. He had a lot of fun and he told me it was freezing cold up there! And yet here in Vegas it was about 70 degrees.

Living with the future in laws are going great. Bruce got a job selling RVs and the location is like the last exit out of vegas. Lynne got a job at La Petite but it is not working out. If you are thinking about sending your kids there, I highly recommend NOT sending your kids there.

Other than that we are all healthy (finally! Ben had a 103 temp. the other week and it lasted 3 days, Bruce had pneumonia, Lynne and I had a cold).