Sunday, March 2, 2008

Odd and N's

Yes, I know I spelled it wrong but it looks cute this way.

This is the dress that I picked out for my friend's wedding:

The dress will be in Lilac and the front of the dress is plain but the bride and I just loved the back.

The Maid of Honor finally picked her dress today and by luck it will match my dress and the bride's dress because we will all be wearing satin.

It was mad crazy at David's Bridal and I was glad I was not one of the brides freaking out on dress trying. Been there done that... lol but it was neat to people watch and see what they were trying on.

Here are some other pictures on past events:

Ben's 28th Birthday with a homemade 9 layer cake:

Puppies first birthday:

We would also like to say congrats and good luck to:
Devyn, Sarah, and Amy - Congrats on the new addition growing inside of you.
Michelle R. - Congrats on the new baby. He is a cutie!

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Shawn said...

Dang, Ben is wicked old.