Monday, April 7, 2008

San Diego Trip/3 year Anniversary

I uploaded all the pictures with captions on facebook. Since it took about 3 hours to do it here are the links to the sites:

If you like any of the scenic shots and want a large file of it to put on your computer just email me and ill send the picture to you.

There will be more pictures added soon because my camera died when we were driving to California. I charge it about once every other month or even less and I guess it decided to die the night before when I couldn’t find the stupid charger. All the other pictures is on Ben’s camera. They are mostly from the San Diego Zoo.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bridesmaids Dresses

Still shopping for bridesmaids dresses but I narrow it down to 3 dresses.

So its between these 3 three i like:

Alexia 604: Forgot to take a picture but it was super cute on sara. Its an A line

Bari Jay 305: it can come in halter, strapless and spaghetti straps. Here it is strapless:

The deal with 305 you get to pick what you want but we go according to hight it would be shortest to tallest: summer, min, allie, sara, and barbara. So it would go strapless, halter, strapless, halter, and then strapless.

And the Davids dress Style 81568:

So many dresses and they are all good in their way.... to many to choose from! I need to figure this out by the end of this month.... What do you think?

Spring Break Fun Videos

Barbara and Andrew line dancing at the Bellagio

Barbara and Andrew interpretive dance at the Bellagio

Barbara and Andrew dancing in the car to "I wear my sunglasses at night"

Andrew and I dancing in the car to Paula

Over the Hill

Ben's dad turned 50 this past Saturday. Lynne (Ben's mom) made a caramel cake.

Spring Break Fun 2008

My long time friend Barbara came into town with her friend Andrew. They flew all the way from Seattle to rock climb at Red Rock. On Easter Sunday Ben and I hiked like 3 miles one way and climbed about 50 ft - 100 ft to reach our destination. From there Barbara hooked us up in the rock climbing gear and we climbed 70 ft. It was just you, your bare hands, rock and a rope to catch you if you fall. It was some scary s***. I dont mean to swear but man it was SCARY. Ben climbed about 60 ft. looked down and called it quits. I climbed about 30 ft. slipped and started to ball like a baby. Im not normally scared of heights but man at that moment i was deathly scared. We have pictures but its on my friend's camera. So I will be soon posting that. We did the tourist thing and gave them a tour. Here is some fun pictures and artful pictures to:

Also we tried on bridesmaids dresses and it was Bruce's 50th birthday. I will make a separate post for each of them.