Monday, March 1, 2010

2010 NASCAR Las Vegas

This past Sunday a friend of mine gave me tickets to the NASCAR race in Las Vegas. I never been to a race before so it was decided by my father in law that I have to go. My in-laws and hubby lived around car racing. My father in law use to race and my hubby would sit on tool box of Kyle Petty (son of Richard Petty). Needless to say they were excited to go but not looking forward to the parking. It has been told that it takes like two hours to get in and out. Thankfully my friend threw in VIP parking and it took about 45 mins to get in and about 30 mins to get out.

It was a lot of fun and SUPER loud (if I didnt have ear plugs I would of not been able to hear today). I never been to an event with soooo many people in one place. I felt like the only half Asian half white person there. LOL but after the 131st lap I got a little bored. If there were more passing and bumping it would of been way more fun. But most of the time they were in a single file line. My hubby said this and 2 other tracks are the same and super boring. They were more design to hold more people and make more money blah blah blah. (tuned him out on his rant). What I thought was neat was far away the cars looked like they are going really slow but as soon they passed you, youre like what color was that? You easily easly forget they are going like 200 miles per hour. Also I was shocked how fast the pit crew where. I wish my tire and gas fill up was in 14 secs. I wonder how fast they can do an oil change (^_^)

By the end of the day the drivers we were cheering for didnt win and I had a couple of black tire flakes on me. All in all it was a fun outting and wished I brought cash so I could of drink and ate. Oh well....

Here are some pics and a video. On facebook I have more photos and videos. For some reason blogger doesnt like me uploading photos and moving them around in the blog.

Me and the DH (such an ugly pic)

My fav. pic I took

This one is a shot in the bucket. I couldn't see what I was taking and it turns out i got the jets flying above the pit

Video: Preparing to wave the green flag, then they all go and within 2 laps someone slides. Due to the slide everyone slows down for the caution. To bad I didnt catch the sliding. There were a couple good yellow cautions (rubbing into the wall, 3 car crash) but I didnt capture it on film. Sorry

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