Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ordeal With Tuxs

As a side note NOTHING has gone 100% smooth on the wedding planning. Its one ordeal after another....

The first place we went to was Jerry's Tux Shop. It was awful. Ben looked really nice but they had nothing to pick from. They only had 1 type of white shirt and 1 type of black. And the type they had for the white I HATED. It was soo ugly with the tie...

They also lied about their prices. On the phone the "owner" told me it will be about $80 per tux with the discount. The lady there and barely understood me told me it was $130 with discount. Uhhh thats a big gap between $80-$130.... So we walked out. I was trying soooooo hard to bite my tongue while I was talking to the lady. She was being difficult to work with. As soon Ben and I got into the truck I mouthed off like crazy.... "what a b**ch. That is so bs..." and so on. So they lost my business.

So the next week we went to Tux Junction. At first we were going to use them but Jerry's had the better price.... not any more.... now Tux Junction had the better price per. rental.

I didn't feel like typing this again. This is a review I left for Tuxedo Junction from a website:

My fiance and I switched over to them because they had better prices. They have a lot of choices which was good. So far the staff is really nice and helpful but my last visit was a pain. The lady that was helping us took several tries and over 20 mins to get everyone on the card strait. I told her many times who gets what color which is not very hard. Even though I told her 7 times who gets what she still was wrong. What made it worst is that even though I introduce her to the groom and to the best man she kept calling them different names. At one point she called the groom the father even though on the card there is a G next to my fiance's name. I can understand the first couple times but after 20 mins Its not hard to figure out 3 colors and who is who since there was only 2 guys there. Its not like i had 7 guys there at the place with 7 different colors. Its not hard: groom gets silver vest and tie. Best man and groomsmen get red vest and tie and fathers get black vest and tie. Then when the guys were trying on the outfits she still got the colors wrong. She tried giving the groom a silver vest with a red tie and the best man red vest and silver tie. I have no clue where she got that idea but i never mentioned mix matching color ties. When we went to check out thats when I found out that the colors were still wrong in the charts. After wasting an extra 20 mins on telling them what is what I am starting to think how hard can this be?? It was so messed up I wanted them to make a new card for me because if we have to make any last min. changes they will charge us. So I was not about to have them charge me things on their mistakes. However, the staff in general are nice and will take care of you. Just not that one staff member, she was not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Pros: good prices, warehouse here, fairly helpful, lots of choices to chose from
Cons: Triple check your order for mistakes, make sure the helper knows what he or she is doing.

I still recommend them but if you want to use them let me know and ill tell you who not to work with and who to work with

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