Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So its been awhile since I blogged here.

Here is some catching up:

Dont waste your time at Mesa Grill, Las vegas
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I posted this on several review sites:

My family and I went out to eat and we picked Mesa Grill for a new place to eat. We like the eat at fine dinning time to time but this place left a bad taste in my mouth before we walked in the door. To make reservations you have to give out your credit card information and if you dont show up they will charge you $50 per. person. Which is stupid because we been to Delmonico's, Rosemary's, Wolfgang puck and so on and we never had to do that. Which was stupid to begin with.

They sat in the worst place in the restaurant, our party was for 6 and they at us at a round table in the back corner of the restaurant. Would seat 4 nicely but 6 was just pushing it. What made it bad is that where my mother-in law had to sit was the station for the staff to get water, flatware, glasses, and what not. So there was always someone bumping into her or just about to drop something.

The food for the price you pay it wasnt that great. It if was cheaper it would of suited better. My fiance got the veal, I got the duck, my future sister in law got the chili, my brother in law got a steak, my father in law got a beef dish of some sort (i like pork), and my mother in law got the duck. I dont know why they listed the side dishes because all of them came with the tamale. We waited over 45 mins to get our food and when it did came it my father in law's was ice cold and mine 2 and half raw. I asked to have it at medium rare and it came out raw raw like raw sushi raw. We tried to get the attention of our waiter but he was talking to a couple forever about the wine list. When he started walking towards us he went right past us and talked to the table across from us. We had to grab one of the staff wearing a suit. He said sorry and grabbed our plates. My father in law's food came back right away but mine took about 20 mins to make. I would of thought it would take less time since they push to sell the duck hence having it ready. Mine finally came back and it was hot. My fiance's veil was a bad cut of meat, it was all fat and very little meat. My brother in law's outside of the steak was burnt and the lady the next table over had to resend her food back because she had the same issue. The staff kept warning us the food is spicy but when we got it there was little "heat" to it and not a lot of spice. So I guess they dont know what spicy is.

Our waiter never once checked on us the whole meal to see how we were doing. Not once. Or tell us sorry for the wait. The waiters were more interested keeping your glasses full of water. Every 10 secs. our glasses were getting filled while we were sitting there for 45 mins plus to get our dinner. We wave down our waiter to order some appetizers to pass the time. They were soooo small it could feed just one person, thankfully we order 3 dishes. We got the pancake, grits, and spicy tuna and salmon tartares.

When it came time to get the bill because we wanted to get out since we been there for almost 2 hours. The guy in the suit gave us the dessert sampler for an apology. I thought the choc. cake was nasty, it was soggy, like the middle was dunked in water. The best thing they had was the choc. peanut butter mousse.

We will never go back again. We highly recommend going other restaurants for fine dinning. You will pay about the same price as of Mesa Grill.

Pros: you will always have a glass full of water
Cons: you have to give your credit information before you step in the door, they pack it to tight for seating, our waiter was never there and somewhere else, our food took close for an hour to get to our table, they say their food is spicy and its not, they serve food cold and meat half raw, the cooks cant cook, and the price was way to high for what we were eating. They should at least knock $10 off the dinner entree prices.

I cant rate the cocktail menu because we never got one. Our waiter didn't bother to give us one even though he showed it to other people.

July 13, 2008 - Sunday

New Orleans vs Disney World for Honeymoon Plans?
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Ben and I were looking at cruises on the east side of the coast. We limited it down to port out of new Orleans which means we fly in early and spend a couple days in new Orleans and then go on our cruise. Or we fly to Orlando and spend some time at Walt Disney World and then go on a cruise.

What do you think? We are tied for both right now.....

New Orleans: spend a couple days eating good food and seeing some New Orleans culture. Then go on the Carnival cruise line... i think fantasy boat. We were looking at eastern Mexico and climb some mayans ruins. They have breakfast in bed and message services.


Orlando: go to Disney World for 3 days and then hop on a cruise boat for like 4 days on a honeymoon package. Breakfast and champagne in bed, spa for 2 and etc. in their honeymoon package.

July 7, 2008 - Monday

3rd Try is the Charm
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So I couldnt get registered because I cant pass my smog test. Turns out that there are these codes in your car and the smog people need to read out 4 out of the 6 readings. Well my car had none.... after driving it a lot to get the codes back up and cleaning out the fuel with high performance fuel and the 3rd try on a smog test it finally passed!!

Now I dont have to light it on fire and push it off a cliff :)

July 5, 2008 - Saturday

Another Ordeal with the Tuxes
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I didn't feel like typing this again. This is a review I left for Tuxedo Junction from a website:

My fiance and I switched over to them because they had better prices. They have a lot of choices which was good. So far the staff is really nice and helpful but my last visit was a pain. The lady that was helping us took several tries and over 20 mins to get everyone on the card strait. I told her many times who gets what color which is not very hard. Even though I told her 7 times who gets what she still was wrong. What made it worst is that even though I introduce her to the groom and to the best man she kept calling them different names. At one point she called the groom the father even though on the card there is a G next to my fiance's name. I can understand the first couple times but after 20 mins Its not hard to figure out 3 colors and who is who since there was only 2 guys there. Its not like i had 7 guys there at the place with 7 different colors. Its not hard: groom gets silver vest and tie. Best man and groomsment get red vest and tie and fathers get black vest and tie.Then when the guys were trying on the outfits she still got the colors wrong. She tried giving the groom a silver vest with a red tie and the best man red vest and silver tie. I have no clue where she got that idea but i never mentioned mix matching color ties. When we went to check out thats when I found out that the colors were still wrong in the charts. After wasting an extra 20 mins on telling them what is what I am starting to think how hard can this be?? It was so messed up I wanted them to make a new card for me because if we have to make any last min. changes they will charge us. So I was not about to have them charge me things on their mistakes. However, the staff in general are nice and will take care of you. Just not that one staff member, she was not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Pros: good prices, warehouse here, fairly helpful, lots of choices to chose from
Cons: Triple check your order for mistakes, make sure the helper knows what he or she is doing.

I still recommend them but if you want to use them let me know and ill tell you who not to work with and who to work with.

July 3, 2008 - Thursday

My Life at the DMV
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Spending my day off at the DMV wasn't my ideal way to spend a day off.....

Ben and I left the house at 8am to get a smog check.... of course it doesnt pass. The codes were not coming up so they were not able to register it... just my luck.....

Now we head over to the flamingo DMV. Line was "short" about 30 people in front of us. At first we couldn't find the DMV because we forgot what was the cross street. The window guy was an a-hole. He told us we couldn't update the address on my car because my father in law's name and ben's name was on the title. To change it Bruce has to come down with us too. We got our number and pissed about the thought that we cant update the address. Finally our number was called 30 mins later. The guy that helped us was Larry. He looked really familiar.... then it hit us! He was the guy that really helped us when we first bought my car. So it was nice to see a friendly face at the DMV and knew what he was doing.....

So Larry helped us. First he fixed all of my problems. He was shocked that the DMV made such a huge error on my card and that I got written up for it. So he fixed all that for me and updated my address. They are supposed to charge you to get a new card but I got it waved and got it for free. Then it was Ben's turn. Turns out that the window guy was a stupid and what he said was not true at all. He looked up Bruce in the system and it said that he lives at the address that we want it to change. Looked at Ben's address and it states the correct address and fixed our registration.....

I didn't know that I had to take my picture again. I was sooooo nasty looking. For the last couple of days I been having really bad ear aches and very sharp and painful pains behind my eye and in the temple of my head. So I was not pretty at all not to mention I did not have a coat of make-up and my hair was not done. So I look like the living dead with major pimples on the chin.....

Since my car is not registered because it didnt pass the smog test we got a moving permit. There might be something wrong with the car's computer, the convert thing doesn't work, or the engine system needs to be cleaned out. Hopefully its the last issues because thats an easy fix. So for the next couple of tanks I have to fill it up with alcohol and high end gas. Bruce said if that doesn't work turns out we can by airplane fuel to clean out the car's system! Go figure, I didn't know you can buy that kind of stuff. Maybe it will do a Peter thing (from Family Guy when he was a red neck and thought if he filled his truck with airplane fuel that it will fly like in Top Gun).....

So Ben and I left the DMV and dropped him off at work but thats not the end of my day.......

So I drove all the way from 215 and buffalo to gass and 8th street.... near ....Charleston.... to see "my" lawyer Creig P. Kenny. They helped Ben and I before on previous tickets. So I talked to the window guy and he said that I need a letter from the DMV about their mistakes on my driver's license. They recommend going back to the DMV that I went to this morning. Without that letter its a $600 fine in the courts! Just for that one citation. Also they wont fix my tickets till I get my first citation fixed..... great! So I drove all the way back across town to flamingo and buffalo ish area. Stand back in line (90 people in line) talked to a window lady and she had to get her supervisor. Explain to her my situation and waited about 30 mins for her to find all the information and write me out 2 letters of apology to the courts and to me. Meanwhile the pain in my ear and head was growing massively and painfully.....

Got my stuff and Ben called to have lunch with him. So driving to buffalo and 215 again to have lunch with him and Daniel in the new IGT building. Its really nice. The cafeteria reminds me of the DC back at UNLV. But it didn't end on a good foot because I wasn't feeling so good and the guys kept picking on me even though I told them I was not feeling good.

Then off babysitting Lucy. We were having a great time playing then all of the sudden the room spun and I had to dash to the bathroom if you get my drift. I excused myself when Lucy's mother came home so I can go see a doctor. Its been 3 days with this weird ear pain and its growing worst. I was for sure that it was an ear infection. Due to not having insurance I went to the Walgreen's Care Clinic. A very nice doctor and he helped me but it took a lot of testing to figure what's wrong with me. It turns out my ears are clean as a whistle but my ear drum and eye was bulging out. Turns out the pressure in my nose and ear cannel are not the same and my ear drum is stuck in the middle of it. So he told me to buy some over the counter nasal spray, use my nose steroids more often at night now and take a ton of pain pills to help the swelling. He also said he would like to see me back in a couple days to check up on me free of charge to see if I am better. I thought that was really nice of him. He is located at the Walgreen Cheyenne and Rampart.

So right now I am high as a kite with all this nasal junk in my nose and pain killers for my sharp stabbing pains in my ear and head. Yipppee! In other words im loopy but they didnt have that feeling in myspace blog.

July 1, 2008 - Tuesday

Starting off the Month on a Bad Foot
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This morning on my way to work I was stuck in the normal heavy flow on west bound 215. A highway cop pulled up behind me and turn on his lights. I didn't know what to think. So I put my turn signal on and tried to merge onto the right side of traffic and pull over on the shoulder so he can pass me...

Turns out he was PULLING ME OVER! I was like what did I do? I didn't do anything because it was impossible for me to be speeding because i was going about 5 miles per hour without on someone's bumper. In fact just a minute before someone cut me off for no reason. So I was puzzled why he picked me out of the crowd to pull me over during morning rush hour.

He walked up to my car on the passenger side and tapped on the window. Because I have roll down windows and be hard to roll down from my seat I just opened the car door. I said the normal what not and he asked for my stuff. He told me that my tags are expired on my car. I told him that I didnt know that and that I am sorry. Thinking he would just give me a warning he asked me more information. He asked if everything on my drivers license is current and I told him no because we just moved. He asked how long and i answered less or about 30 days now (my little white lie, its such a big ordeal to go to the DMV and I wanted to wait till I changed my name and get it all done at one time). He told me that I should of had changed it over already. I told him I am sorry but I just graduated from college, got a job, planning a wedding, and we just bought a house. So in all honesty I haven't had time to settle to go to the DMV. I didn't thought about changing over my information till right now because its been so crazy busy. That didn't phase him one bit. He said can you wait please and I said sure.

After waiting about 15 mins (it seemed like FOREVER) and it didnt helped that I turned my car off and had no AC and it's has been about 90 degrees in the mornings.... He came back and asked me a couple more questions like I was a criminal or something! He asked do I own a bike. I said No. Then he asked do you ride a bike? and I asked no. Then he asked did I take a motorcycle test or went to a motorcycle class. I told him no sir, and then polity reply you will never see me in a bike because its to hot and dangerous to ride one out here. He smiled (i guess he thought it was funny). Then he asked when I took my test, I told him not to long ago like around sept. because I had to get one when i moved to vegas from Hawaii and since it turns out I am under 25 I had to take the drivers test. So I took the drivers test and passed it. Then he nods and said "I am giving you a citation for an error on your driver's license. It states that you drive a motorcycle and not a car." I looked puzzled and he showed me. Turns out there is a "small" error on my card. Turns out the stupid DMV bitch put an M for motorcycle not for a regular car. He said its probably an error on their part and that I need to get it fixed. In my head I was thinking and I am getting a ticket/citation for the DMV's fault!!!

So I got 3 citations: 1 for expired tags, 1 for old address, and 1 because i dont have a car license but a motorcycle license!

All of my tickets are all caused by the stupid (insert the F word a couple of times) NV DMV. I looked on the ticket it doesnt have a bail amount but I still have to go to court..... so whats the deal!

Here is the kicker: The court date is the friday before my wedding! There is no way in hell I am showing my face at the court house 2 days before my wedding!

So my month of July is starting out to be bad. I want that cop's Karma's points to go to -10 for picking on a girl just driving to work and doing nothing and not being sorry for her. It didn't even phased him that I'm a busy person and these little things like the DMV is suppose to take care of. Lets see him be in my shoes, then he would know that what he pulled me over should really only be a warning.

May 29, 2008 - Thursday

Bridal BootCamp
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So I need to whip my butt into shape before the big day. I fit in my dress just fine but i want to look HOT in my dress. So I am signing up for kick boxing class. I use to take this class in college and once a week on friday i worked out with Sifu. It was AWESOME. He really good and he put me back into shape. But for the last year or 2 in college I wasnt able to take his class due to other classes that i needed to take to graduate or work related. So here I am back at square one with Sifu. He is going to kick my butt! haha. If you want to join me on my quest of bridal bootcamp, here is all the info. (thanks Jasmine). Also he mentioned that if you go for 13 weeks it will only cost $235 instead of paying $100 a month. Im going in on monday from 7pm to 8pm.:

101 South Rainbow Suite 10
(Rainbow & Westcliff behind the Burger King)
Las Vegas, NV.

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