Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lynne's Cheesy Velveeta Dip

Super yummy and great for pot lucks

2 cans of diced tomatoes & green chilies
2 8oz. pkgs of cream cheese
1 16oz Velveeta cheese
1 pkg of jimmy dean sausage

A crock pot
a crock pot liner if you like but not necessary
frying pan
and chips for dipping

1. Cook sausage in frying pan and chop into small pieces
2. cut cream cheese and Velveeta into small cubes so its easier to melt in the crock pot
3. open and drain cans of diced tomatoes
4. throw everything in crock pot and set to low to high depending how fast you want it to be done. Just stir time to time so nothing burns on the bottom

ENJOY with any dipping materials. Its also really good on hot dogs and hamburgers.

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